STI has developed a powerful online system that will increase your net profit margin and your company's operating efficiency.

STI believe that quality is a culture, expressed in the way we interact with and cater to the needs of our customers, and in the products and processes we deliver to them. So while we have met several external quality parameters, we are even more stringent about setting and meeting our own testing standards.

STI Quality is a continuous process that is reflected in the Company's emphasis on making every Associate in the company part of the Quality processes and methodologies.
What you can offer your clients is a quality assured service with fast turnaround. You can check on the status of an individual job at any time.

Now for the first time you can improve business efficiency and convert the same into better bottom line.  Forget all the worries of high cost and disruption.

We offer you the flexibility you need it. By turning fixed costs into variable cost you can expect significant savings and increased profitability.

You have complete control over your costs because each job is executed to a budget that is approved by you. There are no snags or costly surprises waiting in the wings.

The outsourced accountancy processing service that STI provides can be tailored to fit your business needs. You might need short-term cover for holidays or illness-or a client might be placing extra demands that you might be hard-pushed to meet with your resources.

Low Cost
Increase net profit margins. Turn fixed costs into variable costs. Senior India based accountants trained in US/UK reporting.

Recognised software, highest quality services. Internet solution provides 24-hour access. Primary documentation never leaves your premises. Process tailored to your business needs. The work is fast-tracked and you will be informed by email when it is ready. Download reports fully formatted in your company style and ready to present to your clients.

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